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Ice Cream Cocktail Drinks

A decadent adults-only version of ice cream is here—alcoholic ice cream cocktail drinks. The Venchi blog shares recipes for chocolate Frozen Mudslides and creamy almond-flavoured creations, ideal for the warmer months. Even in the UK, we are promised at least a few sunny days. A must-try for adults in the mood for a sugary treat or perfect for entertaining, these ice cream cocktail drinks will make your summer parties a night to remember. In just minutes, you can whip up boozy beverages from your kitchen that are as sophisticated and tasty as any bartender classic. All you will need is to gather all the ingredients together and blitz away in a blender that can manage ice.

Is ice cream gluten free? Always check the complete ingredient list, as not all products are identical. But there is good news for gelato fans. All Venchi gelato is gluten-free and bursting with flavour. So, treat yourself without too much guilt.  

Root Beer Float

Root beer floats are the perfect summertime drink. Creamy, frothy, and thirst-quenching, they are best enjoyed by the pool or in the garden with loved ones. All the recipe calls for is vanilla ice cream and root beer, and magic happens.  

Put a boozy twist on the classic recipe with a few cheeky additions. Amaretto, vodka and rum pair well with the intense flavours of root beer and make the drink more fun for grown-ups.  

There is plenty of back and forth about what goes first in a float. But if you want to prevent overflowing, which we are guessing you do, then ice cream goes first.  


How to make a root beer float cocktail:  

  1. Put a tall glass into the freezer. Let it chill for 30 minutes.  

  1. Place 1-2 scoops of vanilla gelato into the bottom of the chilled glass. 

  1. Add 30ml of vanilla vodka and 10ml of Amaretto. 

  1. Slowly pour one can of root beer into the glass until you have filled it to the brim.  

  1. Enjoy!  

Since a root beer float only features two ingredients, they are where all the flavour comes from. Treat yourself a little and choose the best quality you can.  

Venchi's artisanal gelato will not disappoint. What makes Venchi's gelato superior is that it is crafted from specially selected natural ingredients like fresh milk, Venchi chocolate, Piedmont Hazelnuts and Bronte Green Pistachios for gelato that truly melts in the mouth.  


Pink Squirrel

The Pink Squirrel is ideal for sweet tooths. It is an alcoholic take on a milkshake that is simple to shake up at home. 

With its blush pink colour, the Pink Squirrel is as delicious as it is pretty. It is a sweet cocktail with a smooth, creamy texture that will impress every one of your guests. The best news? This almond-flavoured boozy milkshake can be whipped up in minutes.  

What do you need? Crème de Noyaux and a dash of our Cuba Rhum chocolate liqueur that deliver a chocolaty almond flavour. Rum and chocolate are a true match made in heaven. Blend everything with vanilla ice cream and top with whipped cream and maraschino cherries.  

Recipe for Frozen Mudslides

Chocolate and coffee connoisseurs, we have found your dream cocktail, the Frozen Mudslide. It is full of rich, classic flavours that perfectly pair with warm summer nights.  

Generous on the chocolate, the Frozen Mudslide mixes coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Add extra ice to the blender for a wonderfully thick, slushy drink.  

You do not have to use vanilla ice cream strictly. Feel free to get creative with flavours based on your preferences.  

For an alcohol-free version, take inspiration from an Italian favourite: the affogato. What is it? You will find it on the menu of every authentic Italian café. It is top-quality vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso. While simple, it delivers massive doses of flavour to delight your taste buds.  


Moose Milk

Warm the stomach and the soul with a Moose Milk cocktail that is all things creamy, wholesome and spiked with coffee.  

Invented by the Canadian army after World War II to keep up troops' spirits, a Moose Milk cocktail leaves its drinkers merry and satisfied. The original concoction called for egg yolks, but you can make life much easier for yourself and opt for superior quality vanilla ice cream instead.  

The recipe is not strict on the type of alcohol, as the military used whatever was on hand at the time. So, feel free to experiment with your combinations.  


Ingredients for small-batch Moose Milk:  

  • 250 ml of brewed coffee, cooled  

  • 250 mg of cream 

  • 375 mg of vanilla ice cream  

  • 62.5 ml of alcohol of your choice (rum, whiskey or vodka) 

  • 30 ml of Kahlua liqueur  

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, making Moose Milk requires absolutely no bartender skills. Place everything in a bowl, then whisk until all ingredients are combined and the ice cream has melted.