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At Venchi, sustainability is not just a value but a commitment to promoting everyday well-being.

Product, Planet, People

Guided by our three key pillars, we are committed to continually improving processes and the selection of raw materials and suppliers to ensure an increasingly transparent and sustainable supply chain.



Natural raw materials, which are carefully selected and certified, bring recipes that reflect the balance of the Mediterranean diet to life.



Ongoing improvements concerning our environmental impact, packaging, energy optimisation and sustainable supply chains.



Social-engagement (AIRC) and research-and-development projects to create recipes that satisfy all tastes and needs.

Our goals

We prioritise sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact to achieve a harmonious balance aimed at ensuring the well-being of our employees, customers and planet. 

Logo Icona Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

100% of the cocoa used in our chocolate recipes will be certified by 2025.

Zero Food Waste

Zero Food Waste

We are optimising our resources and following a 360° recycling programme to reduce waste to zero by 2025.

Ottimizzazione energetica icona

Energy Optimisation

Double the investments in energy optimisation.

Filiera vaniglia icona

Vanilla Supply Chain

70% of our chocolate is RFA certified.

Materiali packaging icona

Packaging Materials

We are reducing the use of plastic and non-recyclable materials.

Carbon neutrality icona

Carbon Reduction

We are measuring and gradually reducing the amount of CO2 generated throughout the supply chain.


Logo Icona Rainforest Alliance


70% of our chocolate is RFA certified. 

Materiali in store icona

In Store Materials

The Food and Beverage material used is 100% recyclable: compostables, FSC-certified paper, PCR PET.

Ottimizzazione energetica icona

Energy Optimisation

The amount of energy used at our production facility has reduced by 50%.

Filiera corta icona

Short, certified supply chain

100% Piedmont Hazelnuts, exclusively sourced and processed in the Langhe region

Reporting unethical behaviour

The company has activated a reporting service that can be used to report suspected fraud or unethical behaviour. If you detect misconduct, you can report it through the following channel



More information available here

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council. More information available here

PCR PET: Post-Consumer Recycled.

PLA: Polylactic acid or polylactide

MATER-BI: range of fully biodegradable and compostable bioplastics. More information available here

BRCGS: Brand Reputation through Compliance. More information available here

IFS: International Food Standard. More information available here

Too Good To Go is a service that allows you to prevent unsold food from going to waste. More information available here

Official document detailing the ethical commitments and responsibilities that apply when Venchi carries out its business.

The Italian Foundation for Cancer Research. More information available here