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Are Ice Cream And Gelato Gluten Free? A Guide for Celiac Gelato Lovers

Do not miss life's sweet pleasures like gelato and ice cream, even if you are sensitive to gluten. Venchi's blog helps you make safer choices without sacrificing flavour. Read on for the answer to the question: are ice cream and gelato gluten-free? We will give you a hint: Most of the time, yes.  

If you are armed with the proper knowledge and take extra precautions to read ingredient labels, there is no reason you cannot indulge in these icy sweet treats, just like everyone. How else are you supposed to enjoy the warm weather?  

Is Gelato Gluten Free?

Gelato lovers, we have good news at its purest and most traditional: gelato is gluten-free. The recipe only asks for milk, sugar, and sometimes egg yolks in creamier flavours. Those ingredients are all gluten-free. But there is more to the story.  

Gluten can end up in gelato because of added flavours or artificial thickeners some brands use. For those with severe gluten intolerances, please always double-check the product's ingredient label.  

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Gelato Flavours Containing Gluten

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and grains. It can sneak into gelato and ice cream through products like cakes, cookies, and malt. If you are allergic to gluten, watch out for these gelato flavours.  

  • Cookies & cream 

  • Tiramisu 

  • Cheesecake 

  • Sponge 


Flavours Without Gluten

Thankfully, the most popular gelato flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry and pistachio, are safe options for people with gluten intolerance. These classic gelatos deliver a delicious taste without any gluten.  

Do not give up your favourite dessert just yet. Here are the most easy-to-find gluten-free gelato flavours:  

  • Vanilla 

  • Chocolate 

  • Pistachio & hazelnut 

  • Fruity gelatos like strawberry, lemon and raspberry 

  • Coffee 


Is chocolate gluten free? Yes. Chocoholics will be happy to hear that chocolate and gluten do not belong together in the same sentence. All varieties of chocolate, dark, milk and white should not contain any gluten. They are all made from cocoa beans which are naturally free of any gluten. But, cross-contamination between products or additives could sneak gluten into chocolate.  

That's why it's safest for coeliacs to choose gluten-free chocolate products. Venchi takes the utmost care to guarantee its chocolate is not tainted with any traces of gluten. Though you will not be able to taste the difference, these are just as mouth-watering as the original.  


Is Ice Cream Wheat Free?

In case you were wondering whether ice cream is gluten free or not, you can safely enjoy ice cream without fear, even if you are gluten intolerant. True ice cream is whipped from fresh milk, cream, sugar, and added flavours like fruit syrups and chocolate—no gluten in sight. But if only eating healthy was that simple.  

Certain companies sneak many other chemicals into ice cream to make it last longer on shelves or for a smoother texture. As a result, always check the full ingredients list to be completely sure if ice cream is gluten free or not. Or ask the ice cream shop for gluten-free flavours. Also, you must be careful with extras like ice cream cones and sprinkle toppings. These contain gluten.  

What's the difference between Italian gelato vs ice cream? Read our blog to discover all the secrets.  


Which Ice Cream Is Gluten Free?

You cannot go wrong with the classics; the same goes for ice cream. Which ice cream is gluten free? Flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are likely to be safe even for those intolerants to gluten. Stay clear of flavours that contain baked products like cookies, cakes, or brownies. These are highly likely to be full of gluten.  

If you are severely allergic to gluten, please only go with ice creams that are certified gluten-free. This means that the product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it does not contain any traces of gluten. It also requires that companies take precautions against cross-contamination and make these ice creams in gluten-free areas.