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Welcome to V-Club!

Learn how to get the most out of Venchi's loyalty program.
Here you can read the answers to frequently asked questions.



Joining the V-CLUB couldn't be simpler:
In store: scan the QR code in store for signing up to V-CLUB, enter your email address and click "SIGN UP". You'll immediately receive an email with your loyalty card details.
Online: If you already have an account for the website, go to your personal account page and click "Join the V-CLUB" in the "V-CLUB" section. If you don't have an account, go to the homepage and click "Sign up to V-CLUB". You'll receive your loyalty card via email within 60 minutes.

V-Club is the new version of our loyalty program! To enjoy all your surprises, you'll need to sign up again. In fact, loyalty cards used before 31/05/23 will no longer be active. If you're already subscribed to the newsletter and would like to keep receiving Venchi communications, please remember to confirm your consent when signing up!

You can find your V-CLUB card number in the first confirmation email you received after joining and at the top of all newsletters you receive after that. You can also view it in your personal account area on the website, in the V-CLUB section. You can save it to your Wallet on your phone by following the instructions in the first email you received.



The V-Club program benefits are divided into tiers. Each tier is defined on the basis of the Chocoviar points accumulated over the last 12 months (from the current date). Below you'll find the benefits of your tier.

As soon as you've earned enough points to reach the next Tier, you'll be able to access its perks.

The permanent discount is valid for all purchases made during your time in the membership tier of the loyalty program. If you go back to the previous tier or progress to the next tier, the discount will automatically be updated.

Yes, the permanent discount can be used to purchase any Venchi product except Gift Cards. Also, the discount does not apply to shipping costs.
If, at the same time, you wanted to make use of another promotion or buy a product that's already discounted, the permanent discount is not added to the ongoing promotions.

The welcome surprises are not related to the V-CLUB, but are reserved for new newsletter subscribers. Only those who consent to receiving Venchi communications for the first time when signing up to V-CLUB, or at any time via their personal account page on the website, can receive the email with the surprises.

Promotions are occasionally sent using the contact details specified when signing up (SMS or email). The messages you receive will contain a discount code for activating the promotion: you'll receive instructions so follow them carefully! 
However, the permanent discount is automatically applied every time you link your V-CLUB card to a purchase (at the till or at checkout), starting from the V-PINK tier.

You won't move up to the next Tier until you have enough points to meet the minimum entry threshold. You'll advance to the next tier once your points have been credited, within 5 minutes after your purchase. The email notification may arrive up to 24 hours later, but in any case, the perks of your new Tier will already be active on your loyalty card. 

Points Collection


Checking your points balance couldn't be simpler! You can view it: 
- by signing in to your account and going to the "Loyalty Program" section 
- on the "Check your balance" page by entering your email address and V-Club card number
- on the receipt of any purchase made in store associated with your V-Club card

Every day, your balance will update with the Chocoviar points accumulated from purchases made within the last 12 months (from the current date). To stay in the latest tier you reached, you can keep accumulating points.

In store: you'll need to present your loyalty card at the till, showing the email with the bar code or the loyalty card saved to your Wallet.
Online: you'll need to sign in on the website.

Yes, please check the list of participating stores to find out where you can collect points. For online purchases, check the list of Countries we ship to.

Yes, unless otherwise indicated, perks can be claimed in all participating Venchi stores and Countries covered by shipping for online purchases.

No, you can't collect Chocoviar points from purchasing Gift Cards.

Check the Gift Card Regulations

No, shipping costs do not count towards your CHOCOVIAR points total.

Once your return has been finalized, the points collected from this purchase will be subtracted from your total.

The points earned from online purchases are allocated once you've been successfully billed, within a maximum of 48 hours from receiving your order confirmation.



Check the "Participating Stores" page for a current list of the stores that participate in the V-CLUB program.

Check the Countries covered by shipping:



Find the current Terms and Conditions on the dedicated page of the website.

Still got questions? Write to our customer care!
If everything is clear, we'll see you soon at V-Club.