Large Tin Case Assortment With Characters 511G

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An elegant gold box with a removable tray. Contains a selection of Venchi Cubotti: - 3 pure milk Cubotti: a delicate flavour with subtle afternotes of toffee and caramel.
- 3 60% Dark Chocolate Cubotti Refined blends of cocoa with delicate fragrances that envelop the senses. Both sweet and heady, giving forth aromas of both cocoa and treacle- 3 75% Dark Chocolate Cubotti: Refined blends of cocoa that make a toasted - and simultaneously fragrant - chocolate with subtle hints of vanilla. Thanks to the high percentage of cocoa in the recipe, this chocolate has a lasting flavour. - 3 white-chocolate Cubotti: Our simple, high-class, raw ingredients - cocoa butter, sugar and natural vanilla - are combined to allow you to experience the pursuit of pure sweetness and creaminess that is without bounds.

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We ship with UPS as this is usually a very fast service and every box we ship out with them is fully traceable.


PER 100G

Energy (Kcal)

2486 Kj

594 Kcal

44,8 gr
saturated fat
21,9 gr
34,6 gr
29,8 gr
9,3 gr
0,16 gr
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