Chocolates Novelties

Venchi Fic-One


Dark chocolate conquers a caramelised fig!

Break it open, smell it, bite it, let it melt in your mouth. There is only one FIC-ONE but one is never enough. The chocolate version of one of Venchi's tastiest gelato flavours. Caramelised figs transformed into a soft filling and enriched with mascarpone cream set in an extra-dark chocolate shell.

Cremino Venchi

Crème Sablée

Chocolate and shortbread? Life begins when you come out of your shell!

For lovers of dark chocolate and milk chocolate, the Chocaviar range is enriched with a new sensational recipe. Chocaviar Crème Sablée chocolate is made from a double layer of Cuor di Cacao with crispy gluten-free biscuits, filled with a delicate cream with spicy tones and notes of lemon, vanilla, ginger and candied rhubarb. Covered with seductive microspheres of Venezuela 47% milk chocolate.

Chocaviar Venchi


ALLEGRA - Let yourself be surprised by a crunchy recipe that amuses the palate!

Once you take a bite, you can’t help but smile. Allegro chocolate truffle made up of white ganache with crispy nibs, raspberry pieces and toffee flakes, a special recipe that brings happiness!

HAZEL - The delicious and enveloping recipe with Piedmont hazelnuts PGI

A bite into tradition with a nod to innovation for this updated recipe in a truffle version with a ganache made from butter, cocoa and Piedmont hazelnuts PGI

SALTY - The delicious sweet salty recipe with pistachios, almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts PGI

For lovers of sweet and salty, creamy and crispy. Salty is a truffle composed of chocolate ganache with Piedmont hazelnuts PGI cocoa, Sicilian almonds and toasted and salted pistachios.

Cremino Venchi


For the 70th birthday of CubaRhum, at Venchi we are celebrating with gin!

Beauty, fragrance and attraction are the expression of this new recipe that combines a milk chocolate shell covered with dark chocolate and a creamy filling of Gin Occitan di Bordiga 1888 from the valleys of Piedmont. A pocket-sized cocktail to enjoy with friends.

Cremino Venchi


Do you like surprises? Let this newcomer impress you!

A half shell of pistachio paste and a soft cream of salted dried fruit, all wrapped around a whole toasted pistachio. Bite it right and hear the sound of the pistachio.

Cremino Venchi


This has made a long journey to catch up with you and seduce you! You can't go back now.

The newcomer to the Granblend range, traditionally the chocolates of courtesy and hospitality are called Montezuma Fruttato! Arrived from Madagascar, carrying with it the aroma of ripe exotic fruit and plane tree, with a chocolate fermented in pink citrus to preserve its characteristics. Unleash unique sensations!

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