Chocolate Bars and Cigars and Gin Occitan in a 300g Wooden Gift Box - Tasting Kit

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A selection of Venchi Chocolate products with a Limited Edition 20 cl bottle of Gin Occitan di Bordiga 1888 designed to guide and immerse the consumer in the world of chocolate and Gin tasting. The wooden box they are contained in makes this product even more sought-after and perfect as an original gift idea. You'll find plenty in the box:
- Cremino 1878 bar: three layers of Cremino - a layer of white chocolate with almond paste between two layers of milk gianduja with hazelnuts, strictly Piedmont PGI. The excellence of timeless Cremino chocolate from the Piedmontese tradition, in its original recipe dating from 1878. A soft texture, a sweet and reassuring taste. A relaxation intensifier.
- Tavoletta Bianca Salata: white chocolate bar inlaid with Piedmont Hazelnuts, lightly salted almonds and pistachios, with a minimum percentage of 25%. The perfect combination of sweet and salty, creamy and crispy. Ideal to enjoy as an aperitif, combined with a chilled wine or Prosecco.
- Aromatic Cocoa Cigar: a soft filling of chocolate and hazelnut paste covered with 56% dark chocolate. The dark filling, softened with olive oil, Piedmont Hazelnut cream and cocoa butter, has a particularly aromatic aroma due to the addition of cocoa from Papua New Guinea. The process of drawing chocolate cigars is carried out cold, to preserve the aroma. The cigar is an opportunity to taste an original and playful chocolate; it can be cut into slices and shared.
- Limited Edition Bottle of Gin Occitan di Bordiga 1888
- Mini Gin Occitan tasting guide.

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