Assorted Iconic Chocolate Products in a Christmas Box, Maxi 1370 g Hatbox

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A rich assortment of delicious chocolate products in a red and gold Christmas gift box:
- Cometa Oro Latte: milk praline filled with Gianduja Bianca cream.
- Cometa Dark Silver: filled extra-dark chocolate in a 75% Cuor di Cacao shell.
- Cometa Rossa Mousse Latte: milk and cocoa mousse in milk shell.
- Cometa Green Dark 60%: Filled Cuor di Cacao in a 56% dark sphere. Recipe contains Olive Oil - Vegan Friendly.
- Nougatine: a heart of Piedmont Hazelnuts chopped and set in caramelised sugar, coated with pure dark chocolate. Same recipe and taste since 1905.
- Astucciata Nougatine bar: Crunchy Piedmont Hazelnut pieces caramelised in dark chocolate.
- Supreme XV Spreadable Cream: made from Piedmont Hazelnuts (37% minimum), cocoa and fine extra-virgin olive oil in a compact 150 g size. Three simple ingredients come together to create a unique recipe that celebrates the Piedmontese tradition. The extra-virgin olive oil gives this spread an unequalled creaminess and, thanks to its delicate and enveloping notes, combines well with cocoa, hazelnuts and milk to create a perfect flavour balance.
- Unique Hazelnut Truffle: cocoa paste and chopped and caramelised Piedmont Hazelnuts covered with milk chocolate.
- Cremino Duo Block: block of Cremino in alternating layers of fine cocoa blends, milk and Gianduja.
- Gianduja Latte Hazelnut Block: bar made of milk Gianduja and Piedmont Hazelnuts
- Nougatine Truffle Cigar: Piedmont Hazelnut and cocoa paste with caramel flakes, covered with a double layer of chocolate.

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