Assorted Chocolate Products with Cutting Board, 730 g Gift Box

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Assorted chocolate products to "cut to size" in a gift box with fixed-blade cutting board and slate tray:
- Venezuela 85% Blend Bar: fine Fino Aromatico cocoa mass exclusively from Venezuela distinguished by its richness and aromatic intensity, and also the result of meticulous fermentation control, roasting and conching of the cocoa beans. The Venezuela bar, with its hints of dried fruit, cooked ripe cherries and milk, is made completely pure, without added soya lecithin and vanilla. Its distinctive packaging serves as a tasting guide, revealing the origins of the cocoa and its aromatic and intense notes.
- Montezuma Nibs Blend bar: 75% dark chocolate bar with toasted cocoa bean granules. Fine blends of extra-dark 75% cocoa whose slightly toasted notes are further sublimated by the crunchy granules.
- Milk chocolate block: with at least 24% milk and 33% cocoa solids.
- Chocaviar 75% Filled Stick: extra-dark chocolate cream with olive oil covered with extra-dark chocolate and decorated with Chocaviar 75%.
- Cremino Bigusto Covered Stick: composed of two layers of gianduja covered with an abundant layer of dark 56% chocolate. A sensory journey through three levels of cocoa intensity: from the crunchy, dark outer shell to the creamy layer of white chocolate gianduja, through to the classic of classics, milk gianduja. The minimum content of Piedmont Hazelnuts, toasted directly by Venchi, is 33% in both the white chocolate gianduja and the milk gianduja. A product to be enjoyed on its own, savouring the roundness and layering of flavours, or together with a Sherry.

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